Resource Guarding/ Possessive Aggression

  Today working with 2 rescue bully breeds. Jack is 11 mos. and Leo is 6 mos.. Leo is the aggressor toward Jack. Jack gives in and leaves the area to Leo. Leo makes starr
ing eyes and silent lip quivers then launchs at him. This was over Leo's inability to share. Each was given a rawhide bone but Leo wanted both. I had the owner get infront of Leo raise her arms up like wings and walk Leo back away from Jack's space about  5 paces then commanded him to sit. He sat and I had her give him a treat. This was done to let him understand which behavior was not allowed and if he backed away he would be rewarded for a good sit. He had to give the territory up and let his owner controll the space. He was not corrected for aggression. No yelling, harsh correction or banishing from the area. He was dominated by his owner who stood up and moved him away. Then he sat and was rewarded for obeying. He was taught that only she owed the space and the house rules.

  We continued with this method and also added a spray bottle correction to the program. One or two sprays to the face. Finished one hour later with the two of them sharing treats and chew bones face to face with no aggression towards each other. Jack did not leave the room and was slowly trusting Leo not to attack.

  Her follow up will be to practice with the dogs in the same room at feeding time. She must always be prepared to take charge and back Leo away when he is aggressive. She must be sure to step into Leo's space before he launchs into Jack. This is an owners duty to learn the trigger areas that need to be under her control.

  Training should continue daily for 15 to 20 mins.. End each lesson with the owner in charge and dogs obeying. If you have a bad day don't drive yourself and the dogs crazy. Stop! Contain the dogs safely, then take time to figure out what you did or did not do. Tomorrow is another day.


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